An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Low Key (hole)...

D'ya see what I did there?  ;-)))

Completely lacking in Blip inspiration so decided to take part in the Mono Monday challenge (kindly hosted this month by MrsLinda )  

Today's theme is light, which is a struggle because there's hardly any.  I think this is just about the greyest day I've seen in a while, probably made worse by the fact the snow is now gone thanks to storm Henry.  

Spotted the keyhole as I could hear a strange whistling noise in the hall and  realised it was wind rattling though the gap....and light!  Blip done and keyhole covered so no more whistling :-))

As I write, Storm Henry is still unleashing his wrath.  Dark, inky grey skies, hailstones and wild wind.  I am so glad David is working from home today and we're all cosied in with no need to be anywhere other than here.

In other news, we are now at the stage of finalising how Alan will get in and out of his hydrotherapy pool and his old school are kindly letting David and the OT visit on Thursday afternoon.  They will get the chance to have a good look at the pool and the equipment and speak to the staff to discuss how they manoeuvred Alan in and out.   Exciting! :-))

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