Sharp as a Tack

I am having so much fun with my new camera. I bought a wide angle zoom (16-35) to go with the camera and then ordered a used 55mm 1.8 lens for low light and portraits. I tried out the new lens this morning. It will take me some time to get used to the narrow depth of field. But it won't take any time at all to fall in love with the crisp sharp images it produces and the perfect color. I did very little post processing to this image and the color of Mehitabel is spot on. And you can see all the details of her beautiful face. (You can see her best in the large version.) 

I get to hang out by myself at home today. I'm doing the wash and taking care of some business. But I'm also just having a good time playing with my new camera and doing whatever I please. Must admit I like those times a great deal. When Arvin gets home I'll take him to one appointment. Otherwise the day is mine. (Evil cackle)

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