But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


I'm experimenting again, though not part of the course; I’ll put this down as a work in progress and try this sort of thing later.
There’s nothing challenging about a dead flower, but the background is a colour wheel, blurred in Photoshop, and displayed on my monitor; it showed some strange and unexpected artifacts that were exaggerated when I took the Photograph. It was done in a darkened room with plenty of space between the subject and background and a large enough aperture to further defocus the screen and the flower was illuminated by a very dim Manfrotto L.E.D. light held off camera. Those things are grossly over-priced but mine came free with a three month trial subscription to what was then my favourite camera comic.
Once again, lessons have been learned and one or two followers seem to be interested in these little digressions while others pass on helpful advice. Thanks to all of you.
The Flower Friday challenge is hosted this month by BikerBear who seems to do more than her fair share of this sort of thing; I’m becoming very grateful to her and her ilk for providing me with little projects to keep the interest going. However, with FF incorporating the day of the month into its tag, it will soon run out of numbers.

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