This is the very striking Madrid City Hall which looked quite spectacular as we came out of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum this evening.  We spent a couple of hours there after the afternoon rehearsal.  This museum had been highly recommended to us and I have to say that next to the D’Orsay in Paris, this could easily become my favorite.  What an extraordinary collection and it is exhibited so beautifully.  We were just astounded by the size of the collection and the range. I look forward to coming back to Madrid someday in the near future so I can spend more time there as it is too much to absorb in one visit. 

The concert this evening didn’t start until 10:30 and as I am suffering from some jet lag, I decided to skip it.  it was rather amusing to find Americans (including us) searching for a place to have dinner around 7:30 and finding nothing open.  Friday evening starts very late for the Spanish. 

Tomorrow we are on the road to a town near the northern coast of Spain where the symphony will give another concert in the evening. Sunday will be a day off so we will remain there until Monday. 

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