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A very normal spring Saturday:
- unload the horse feed Angie bought yesterday, very Royal food
- collect Flash from the horse ride
- dash to dairy in Hawangen to buy Cheddar/Chester
- check bees who were enjoying a day out
- muck out geese house
- coffee and muffin with passing friend
- pump out very flooded horse cellar + 250,000 liters
- split firewood
- enjoy excellent dinner Angie cooked
- fall asleep on sofa
- wake up at 23:30 to watch Sky News Paper review(good tonight)
- start Bliping as Sunday has arrived.....

and a few other things in between. Extra photo with some evidence. That's it Blipers, Good night, have a great Sunday. On the request of some of my German readers, I have been asked to explain the UK as they have heard the reason for wanting a Brexit is that the EU is not democratic and is ruled by a despot named Junkers and his Merkel sidekick Schulz and his selected team.
The UK is made up of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England
Q: Why only some of Ireland?
A: We don't like catholics and they can't become King or Queen.
Q: Can a Muslim, Jew or Buddhist become King or Queen?
A: Can we move on please.
The Union Flag  commonly called the Union Jack reflects the make up of the United Kingdom, a combination of the flags of St George for England, St Andrew for Scotland and St Patrick for Ireland.
Q: Ireland?
A: Please, we haven't got all day
Q: Wales?
The UK is a democracy with parliament making the laws. The members are voted by all citizens above a qualifying age, regardless of sex or creed.
Q: So if there are for instance 4 parties and each get the same number of votes, then each party has 25% of the members of parliament.
A: No. First past the post.
Q: Is that fair and demographic democracy.
A: No, but the referees decision is final (Wembley 1966). We don't like undecided things after a long election campaign
Q: Why do you like cricket when after 5 days of 22 men slogging a ball about you usually don't have a result?
A: I said we need to get a move on.
Q: Why does the UK have 4 countries in FIFA?
A: We invented football and we make the rules.
Q: Why do England have Three Lions as their logo?
A: The symbol of Richard the Lionheart, a great English king
Q: But he didn't speak English and only spent 6 months of his reign in England, preferring to defend his lands in France.
A: He wanted to defend Englands shores from the Muslims.
Q: Is that why he ordered all Jews in England to be killed and banned women from his investiture?
A: He was simply preparing the ground for a need to justify the Magna Carta to shut up the revolting peasants. Now can we please move on.

As a check and balance of our parliament, we have a second upper house who have to approve the laws passed by parliament.
Q: Are the members voted by the citizens like in the US Senate and Representative houses.
A: Not exactly but ours are qualified.
Q: How?
A: By favour
Q: Whose favour?
A: Long tradition- birth, by amount of money you donate to a political party, your sporting career,.......
Q: Sort of FIFA set up?

As a final check we have the Royal Family.
Q: If they are voted by the citizens then Diana would have been Queen not Princess. Why isn't Harry King now?
A: We have a line of succession going way back to Alfred.
Q: Do you mean Albert, Victoria's husband?
A: No. We have the House of Windsor
Q: But the House of Windsor name only dates back to 1917
A: This was a necessary marketing tool as the plebs citizens couldn't pronounce "House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha".
Q: So what democratic duties does King Philip and Queen Elisabeth have?
A: Prince Philip
Q: ? Didn't they get married? Or is it that Philip is Greek?
A: Men can't be King simply by marrying a Queen
Q: Why can women become Queen simply be marrying a King?
A: Please
The Queen is the ultimate Head of State. She appoints the Prime Minister, dissolves and opens parliament, tells them what laws they will have to pass and signs off all laws, if necessary refusing to.
Q: I thought the citizens voted the Prime Minister.
A: No, the strongest group of members of parliament, choose a Prime Minister, the Queen simply gives the nod.
Q: She can close parliament if she doesn't like the members and not allow a law to become law?

So my German friends, this is how real democracy works. Usually around 40% of the votes cast in an election will determine the government and none of the voters have any say in two thirds of the steps to make a law, law. Unlike the undemocratic EU where all members of the parliament, the Commission and the Council have been voted directly or indirectly by the citizens of Europe. It's just the same as driving on the left - history proves the Romans drove on the left.

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