Australian Garden Orb Weaver

With red legs.  This spider (called Desdemona by the way, and was going to be called Desmond, but anyone can see she's a girl), builds her web some 1 and a half metres across in the front garden in between the Echium and a rose bush by the front gate.

I took Mish out very late last night and spotted Desdemona frantically building her web.  It was a matter of moments before I got the camera and took a series of shots.  This is possibly the best shot I got of her, but there are others in extras which show her incredible web weaving skills.  If you've got time please do have a look.

By this morning she had packed up her web again, which is a very good thing because this web is stretched on the main footpath from the gate to the front door.

She's a different species to Mildred who I was photographing before we went overseas in December.  When we got back she had, sadly, completely disappeared.

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