Hope It Isn't A Three Dog Night

Horrid weather today; cold, rainy and windy. I forced myself out and expected to sit in a hide but the rain stopped as I arrived at Fishers Green. I met a friendly fisherman and his dog Maisie by the footbridge. He was popping back to get something out of his car but says Maisie is obsessed with the bridge and wanted to go the other way over it. Maybe she likes its bounciness? I commented how lovely it is that he has a fishing companion and he said that she curls up in his sleeping bag with him.

I went to shoot the wind pump to show the force of Imogen (extras) and to see if any of the birds were in the mood for love as that's the February theme for Tog Squad.

When I walked back across the wobbly bridge the light of the fisherman's head torch caught my eye. Hope he has a good catch and that it doesn't get cold enough for additional dogs. :) 

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