Light And Shade At Last

As I got out of the car at Lodge Farm I was buzzed by a buzzard. I got some rubbish shots. The slanting late afternoon sun was illuminating every blade of grass. My attention was taken by the play of light and shade around some trees across the valley in the distance.

I had been to Epping so knew that the deer weren't in either of the places where I often see them. I walked the length of the farm and found them in the final field, the low sun catching them through a hedge. (Extras) It's lovely to have a bit of contrast for a change after all the grey drabness.

On the way back I got some shots of Kes but from a distance. Lots of heavy machinery at work in the farmyard. I'll be interested to see what they're going to do. Convert the lovely old but dilapidated barns possibly?

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