By FrankS

Drive My Car?

Today I seem to have spent a great deal of time in my car, going there and back again; maybe that's the definition of all journeys, but some are more unplanned than others.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just lending a hand and being useful, for once in my life.

Emma's 'new' car developed a fault two days into her using it and had to be left at the garage until they had time to look at it. This created some problems challenges regarding getting Emma to and from her new job and, this morning, to the Jaguar works in Castle Vale, Birmingham.

Luckily the motorways which are notoriously bad at certain times of the morning and afternoons weren't too horrendous, and we managed to get her to the works on time.

Later this afternoon it was over to Worcester and back to give her a lift home, quite a pleasant country ride.

A call to the insurance people this afternoon to add her to our car policy resolved future commuting for the next couple of weeks whilst the Ka is sorted.

In between time I managed a couple of hours with a customer this morning and a trip to Nero this afternoon where we saw this young woman sitting outside with her boyfriend. She was very striking with the flowers in her hair and her tattooed arms, perfect for a blip photo.

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