The Drag Race

"Well I'm not braggin', babe, so don't put me down
But I've got the fastest set of wheels in town
When something comes up to me, he don't even try
Cause if I had a set of wings, man, I know she could fly."

- lyrics from Little Deuce Coupe

You know how it is. There you are, out enjoying good times with your buddies, just tooling around, having fun, road-cruisin'. And when you get to the red light, the guy in the car next to you starts making eye contact.

And then BEEP BEEP! on the horn! And then it's off to the races! Look out! Look out!



The car in front is an Alfa Romeo Spider (with a rumble seat, no less!). The car in back is a Dinky Beetle Concept Cabriolet (featured in the second Austin Powers movie; the license plate says SWINGER2). But for just a few minutes, let's pretend one of them is a little deuce coupe, shall we!? The soundtrack: the Beach Boys, with Little Deuce Coupe.
By the way, if you think you've seen that bear before, you're absolutely right! Yes, he's the Daffodil Thief!   :-)

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