Brown Cotton

We had such a fun time today! We took the baby and went on the Metro to the Museum district where we walked around as we tried to decide which of the Museums to go to. I wanted to go to one I hadn't been to before so we agreed on the Holocaust Museum. It was extremely moving & the tour guide was fantastic! We left there and walked to the art center that jen had worked at, as none of her coworkers had seen the baby, so after spending some time visiting with them we went through their latest exhibit & then exited through the garden, where I spotted a group of cotton plants in bloom!! Jen couldn't believe that after visiting 2 museums I'd choose to blip the cotton plant, but not only is it the first one I've ever seen, it had cotton on it!! It apparently starts as a hard seed which eventually splits open into 4 sections that curl back--almost like petals--then the cotton comes out, also in 4 sections, but then it starts to fluff out until it gets big like the cotton shown here!! Not being from the South, I thought it was really amazing! She teased me about my fascination with it all the way home! :))
My last night here--I'm heading home in the morning! I'll miss them all, but I'll be back down in a few weeks!

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