A cafe with a view

A summer's day with just the slightest outline of the Southern Alps along a hazy horizon, warm with quite a breeze through the city at times.

It was wonderful to have daughter E with mum and I visiting R today. He was bright, happy and delighted to see E. I guess the days just seem to roll into one another as he thought he had been in care for well over 2 years and in reality it's only been 4 months. He couldn't remember the doctor had checked in on him this morning and yet he could tell me about a photo taken of his mother when she was about 18-20 years old hanging on his wall. He told me she had five boys and he was the middle, today he could tell me all the names of his brothers. We left him with a smile on his face, keen to go and get his lunch.

Mum, Daughter E and I went to a café on Cashmere Hills called 'The Cup', this was the view from our table. It looks out across the western part of Christchurch and on a clear day the Southern Alps are in full view.

Our lunch was divine - I had Poached Eggs on rye with Smoked Salmon, Mum had Pork Pie with salad and E had Cinnamon French toast with caramelised banana and maple syrup, and then....what there's more.....Mum and I had apple and berry crumble slice each while E had chocolate brownie, it was a very light tea for me tonight :)

After lunch it was a walk round the supermarket getting our groceries and then home in the school traffic, I'm about ready to flop now as I hardly slept a wink last night.

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

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