By Veronica

Strutting its stuff

Looking out of the window while drinking my tea, "Have you ever seen a brown and black pigeon?" I asked S. "That can't be a pigeon!" he replied. It was tranquilly pottering about the square so after a few failed attempts to take a photo from the window, I went out and followed it around. It wasn't at all shy; as you can see it has a ring on its leg, so I suspect someone's lost it.  The photo's a bit soft/noisy, but I was trying to keep the shutter speed up. It was so laid back that when I came back indoors I shut Mystère the pigeon-fancier in, as he would certainly have exercised those clawz if he'd spotted it.

A quick Google later, and it is an Archangel pigeon. Notice the little crest on its head! Very handsome. 

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