By Veronica


... those of you suffering a shortage of salad vegetables. A kilo of avocados for a euro! Or oranges at 50 cents a kilo. This is a very typical Spanish market stall, and the stallholder is offering a typical product: plastic bags of ready-podded broad beans for those who can't be bothered to do it themselves.

To probably our last intercambio at the organic cafe this morning. We were so lucky to stumble across it in our first week; we've really enjoyed our chats with a bunch of friendly people in a fairly equal balance of English and Spanish. We also came away with some organic pork for this evening's dinner.

S has had intermittent toothache for the last week (it seems to be a feature of our visits to Spain). On the way back from the local shop yesterday evening, he popped into the fancy new dental clinic down the road (every Spanish town with a population of more than a few hundred has at least one) to see if he could get an appointment. The (apparently) fifteen-year-old dentist instantly pressed him into the chair, peered into his mouth, did an X-ray, and advised him to get a better one done at the local radiography clinic in Motril so she could decide on the best course of action. In France you'd need an appointment for that too, but S just popped in there on the way to the cafe this morning. Done and dusted in 20 minutes for 25 euros. Impressive!

The weather is very different from yesterday; it's raining and the temperature has dropped by about 10 degrees. So since getting back from Motril we've stayed at home in the warm.

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