Louise - Changing Natures

By louisemac

Fellow Traveller (Beep Beep)

In #ThatLondon and attended the fabulous "Cosmonaut" exhibition at the Science Museum. Utterly fascinating - and frankly terrifying and awe-inspiring in equal measure to see the real space craft that these courageous souls shot into space in. They looked a bit "home made" to me...!

And still I'm left with that voice which says we have created methods to put humans on the moon yet still can't get our act together on climate change... That might seem a bit "Whataboutery" but looking at those first pictures of the earth from space, and recalling the quotes from cosmonauts and astronauts who have witnessed it first hand just seemed to bring it home even further.

Big day tomorrow...early night required. *steps off her soapbox*

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