Furry visitor

A rather nice day today. Poor Martin had to go out to work after five days off (weekend plus three days CNY holidays) while we continued in our slumber :)

Headed into town for follow up visit with the endocrinologist to get the results of my bloodwork. All good, very good (PTL) but I'm anaemic. So back for more tests next week. What a pain. Guess I need more spinach.

Had an impromptu lunch with the man, at our favourite Crystal Jade, what a treat! Been there a few times this year already. Then back to DB to pick up a friend's dog that needed homing for a few days while they're away. He's been barking too much, and unfortunately the police had to be called. He hasn't barked once since he's been here, so he must have been so lonely. He did have someone come in three times a day to walk him.

Anyway, Kiki seems to be okay, she's hissed at him a few times, but generally, all seems well. I'm pleased, as we wondered if we could ever have another pet. I really miss having a dog. Rex is sooo cute. The boys are also thrilled to have him. Hope he'll be happy here, even if it is just a few days.

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