Wan Chai lanterns

After worship practice today, Eileen and I headed into town as I wanted to check out Lee Tung Avenue in Wan Chai that has a lovely lantern display.

I'd seen my friend's pictures and wanted to check it out for myself, but didn't know if they were still up, as yesterday was the last day of CNY festivities.

We were thriller to see that they are still up and looked absolutely delightful. I'm so pleased we went. What a treat. They looked amazing. The sun shining through made the lanterns a spectacular red. Extra shows the lovely colour.

We walked around Wan Chai a bit and I treated Eileen to a very typical lai cha, a strong milk tea with cardamom flavours, quite similar to an Indian masala tea.

Then a ride on the tram to Central, something Eileen has never done before.

We made it back to DB and the North Plaza to have a quick dinner and then attend our church prayer meeting.

A full day, and I really am quite thrilled that I got to see those lanterns and share the experience with Eileen.

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