Waiting for Spring

After a very frustrating day with computers- I wont bore you with the details- a late evening walk was called for.
This view from Pendreich shows Dunblane in the top right hand  hand corner. The nights are definitely getting lighter because this was taken just after 5pm.
I know one should never buy from guys who knock in the door but today this man called selling small shrubs. We had bought from him once before so I thought it would be all right. M was out and the guy had some at a very reduced price. Well, it turned out in his sales talk that he not only knew the small town I come from in Wales (Crickhowell) but regularly sold to one shop there. So I succumbed. When M returned he told me I could have got these same shrubs, which were on special offer at our local supermarket, for much less.
The moral of this story – don’t buy from folk who knock on your door.

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