In An Instant

By MrRosewarne

'Soccer Trials'

Today was the last soccer trials session before pre season training starts. 

Another hot day for it, but I wore a hat today so no more heat stroke for me.

Dylan was moved around between the 3 different grades today, probably to test where they think he sits in terms of his skill level. Firstly he needs to qualify for the team as the clubs Vice President spoke to all of the parents afterwards and advised that they have too many kids to fit into the 3 grades they run and some will unfortunately miss out this year. We've got our fingers crossed that he will make it in. He'd be devastated if he missed out I'm sure.

Mum came along to watch the session today too which was really nice of her and then came back home with us for lunch.

Spent the afternoon watching Mad Mad Fury Road, a very well done technically movie, but our download from iTunes kept on stalling and having to re buffer, so a 2 hour movie took us about 3 hours to watch which was frustrating.

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