This about sums up the day. It's been cold and overcast with the only light relief being provided by patchy rain. 

There were some wonderful finds while shopping though - chocolate brazil nuts reduced in price for one. And then and I assure you that this is true, Holland's steak puds with Guinness gravy. You already know my thoughts on Holland's puds but adding Guinness simply takes it to a new level again. They are frozen - obviously, fresh ones wouldn't last long as they are only made by the wise pixies in Baxenden and by the time they arrived in the wilds of the south east they would be past their best. They also had an "all day breakfast pasty" which I didn't invest in but must be on the list for further exploration.

I really must be getting old if the high spot of the day is related to the pastry-based comestibles stocked in the local supermarket!

In other news - I was chatting with a friend who had gone back to 2005 on my blog (some people have far too much time on their hands, they really should find a better way to fill the day!).  We talked about "voice" and how I used that space differently. What hit me most was the number of typos which I had allowed to remain! Dreadful! It's good to look back though as I was living in Bishopsbourne and in a totally different head-space. The world was a lot different too but some stuff stays the same - on Tuesday, 1st November, 2005 I blogged a photo of sheep coming down the street; something I still blip now and again. Another constant is that many of the folk who commented on that blog still comment on my blips; not least the Queen of Canadaland who was known as Echo Mouse when we were young.

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