The river Thames at Kingston

Zebedee and I went to visit grannie Lillo, she said she had dreamt about her mother last night and she also said that she was marking time… It must be very hard knowing that you're near the end of your life, I said to her I thought it was important to remember that she had lived a lot longer than a lot of people and that she was seeing more of me and the boys now as well as other members of the family, I said it was important to focus on what you had rather than what you'd lost, easier said than done I'm sure, as if on cue Norman and his youngest daughter Elisa turned up for a little visit, Norman had a heart shaped marshmallow on a lollipop stick dipped in the hundreds and thousands which his granddaughter and made for Lillo which she ate in one mouthful and really enjoyed. Of course Norman being so positive and cheerful completely agreed with me and Lillo seemed happier in no time. He said he thought she was coming to terms with being at the home.

Zebedee and I walked to Kingston through bushy Park in the drizzle, it was cold but we wanted the exercise, once there I bought Zebedee a coat and a new top to wear and then we went to Waitrose and did a fairly big shop which we bought home on the bus with us.

Max made a delicious dinner of warm puy lentil salad with salmon and we shared a delicious bottle of rose which I bought earlier.

We watched the movie Turing with the children which was so interesting and deeply moving and we shared some Valentines chocolates.

This is the only photograph I took today as Zebedee and I crossed Kingston Bridge.

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