Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

More Oystercatchers

iPad drawing #22
On the beach this morning there were 2 oystercatchers perched on the big rock on left, one with a mussel in its beak. .... 2 more were walking the log to come join in the feast.  The tides have been so high, there are big logs positioned differently every day.  This one will be somewhere else tomorrow    
Scrubbed the cabin floor ( badly in need) and made a big pot of soup before our walk...back in time for the Saturday radio opera in the studio ( a luscious Il trovetore) and my iPad.    ( there were just 4 birds really,  they finally flew off...)
Will light the sauna shortly, dinner is made, and we've just discovered the new ( to us) Netflix  "Occupied" a Norwegian tv series in the near future when Norway's PM has decided to stop producing and exporting oil, going to nuclear power for the climates sake, but the Russians won't let it happen and are occupying the country.  The idea and producer  is Jo Nesbos ---so you know it will get grimmer!  It's great entertainment.
Now can there be a finer day?

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