Snow and music

Snow and music.
Last night the temperature plummeted to -14C in Braemar, the coldest night of the year.
While the snow remains on the mountains Dunblane has got slush.  We were there this afternoon for a concert in the cathedral in aid of the Leighton library and I did wonder how many people would turn up on this the coldest day of the year to listen to a concert of medieval and renaissance music given by the  Edinburgh Renaissance Band.
Bu I had underestimated the stoical nature and toughness of the Scots. The cathedral was almost full.
Some Chinese students from Stirling University thought this was a typical Scottish event with musicians dressed in medieval clothes  performing on replicas of ancient instruments, such as the shawn, gemshorns and sackbuts.
 I had to disillusion them.
(see extra photos)
   Listen to them on this YouTube clip. 

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