... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

OUMNH: Central Tower

More upright in large.

I had a quick amble at lunchtime, and found myself drawn to the museum by the bright sunshine glowing off its asymmetric sandstone façade (look at the window surrounds on each side of the tower). I struggled to choose my blip, and almost blipped a perspective-corrected image of the Inorganic Chemistry extension (Abbot's Kitchen), or another shot of it with the moon shining out above its chimneys. I also liked the light highlighting Keble's fine brickwork...
I'm not sure why the museum "won", but I spent quite a while exploring its details, and I'm always tickled by the façade with its incomplete stonemasonry (the university and masons fell out during the later stages of the museum's construction, described here).

I uploaded ten photographs to Flickr in all (right from here).

p.s. Notice the ventilation flues at the top of the tower: swifts nest in them each year.

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