West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

Ooh a strange foreigner...

Last night I got an overnight train from Chennai to Dindigal. Usually I sleep quite well on trains but not that one. There was a couple with their 2 or 3 year old son in my section of the train. He was massively over-excited when they got on the train, jumping around. He then decided that poke the foreigner was the best game ever! His parents did try to stop him and distract him. The problem was that he didn't stop shouting for hours even after the rest of the carriage was trying to sleep! I arrived at Dindigal at 5.30am and waited until it was getting light to make my way to the bus station to wait for the bus up to Kodaikanal.

I'm in Kodaikanal now. It's up in the hills and it's cold! It was warm in the sun earlier but now it's cold. The hills are beautiful and I think the place I'm staying has the best view. But the town (and the accommodation) is a bit disappointing. It was very hazy this afternoon so I hope it's clearer tomorrow as I'm planning some walks to make the most of the views.

This little girl's father asked if he could take my photo with his daughter so I asked to take her picture in return. She was very sweet. I hope she's quieter on long distance trains....!

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