Another very cold but bright day today. We decided that a trip out to the coast would be far too chilly so settled on a trip into town this morning instead. A few purchases made - I was particularly successful in just one shop - and then home via a food shop and a failed hunt for a new waterproof. 

Bailey stayed at home but did get a trip out to the quarry this afternoon to attempt some of his recall training. I got fed up with the long line pretty quickly so just ended up letting Bailey off his lead. He was keener to come back than he has been - mainly because I had bits of tripe and venison sausages with me - but didn't entirely respond to his recall word. More training required. He did appear to perfect levitating sticks as evidenced in the extra if you look really closely and (sort of) posed in the field in the sunshine on the way back. He was clearly worn out by it all as he has spent quite a bit of the afternoon and all of the evening asleep on my bed - he even slept through his tea. It must have been all of that concentrating on doing as he was told - or all that sausage. 

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