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Manni's home (Wednesday 17th February 2016)

C's cat nine-year old cat Manni suddenly went missing on January 18th during a very cold spell when temperatures fell to -4 degrees overnight. There was a possible sighting a few days later on the by-pass at the bottom of the road but apart from that nothing, despite posters, searches on foot and a Facebook campaign. The one ray of hope was that he had been microchipped but no-one had rung to report him as a casualty. After nearly a month hopes of news of his whereabouts were fading, along with hope that he could survive for long in such adverse conditions.

Then suddenly, last Thursday, C received a call from a vet in Devizes, twelve miles away, to say that Manni had been found!

It seemed he had been hanging around near a bakery on an industrial site on the edge of Devizes for a couple of weeks and had finally been caught and taken to the vet's. He was very thin and his coat was in a very poor condition but he was alive and basically OK.

Before he long he was reunited with his brother Marshall (see Extra) and their other cat Carrie and quickly consumed five pouches of food, purring non-stop for several hours. He had recently developed a penchant for investigating car interiors whenever a nearby door was opened and it is thought he might have clambered into the back of a van, perhaps a bread delivery van on the by-pass, and hitched an unwitting lift, although he could simply have lost his way and walked there. We'll never know. Now, a week later, he is very nearly back to his former self, and still purring.

17.2.2016 (2023 hr)

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