One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Colourful bearer of grim news

When I asked Wagner if he'd accept to be my colourful model of the day, he obliged with hardly any hesitation.
He actually informed me that this is not the first time someone takes his photograph (although apparently they don't usually bother asking him first. Or after).
I replied that this is very strange indeed, as he is hardly noticeable in his camouflage gear and woolly hat in July.
And we had a laugh.
And he told me that he may be dressed in bright colours, but that the news in his paper are grim, and he cannot be held responsible.
And I replied that I'd love to take his photo, but that I'd find it hard to buy his paper, as quite frankly it is a rather shite read.
And he replied that it is a shite read indeed.
And we had another laugh.
And I missed my train, but it didn't really matter. There is always another one (well, in theory anyway, and according to that collection of fables called the Iarnrod Eireann time table).
And then I found out that Wagner's first name is Wagner.
Not his last name, his first name.
As in the composer. His parents are extremely found of Wagner.

And I did not ask him if he had been conceived during the Ride of Valkyries. I resisted. This would have been pushing the boundaries of decency, wouldn't it?

I was delighted to get a visit from Dublin Shooter today. Not only he was full of enthusiasm and good wishes, he also started a migratory flux into the gallery. So that there was more people, besides him and the drunken Hungarian guy on crutches. It's called the herd phenomenon.

Some great conversations again today when I got a chance. Some sad. Some funny. Some technical. One in Hungarian.
And still loads of work hassle thrown in.

Oh, and dhackett68 (despite his youthful good looks I suspect that he was born in 1968) called in for a second look today. To see the photos through sober eyes.
He was bitterly disappointed the poor thing.

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