Climbing Langbar

I was back at work today and it didn't seem possible that I'd fitted in so much since I left the office on Friday evening. Spent most of the day on housekeeping tasks. Not very exciting but it's work that has to be done.

I got a call from Roam this afternoon suggesting a bike ride this evening. Inspired by the heroics of Thomas Voeckler winning today's stage of the Tour de France and Team Sky working so well together to keep Bradley Wiggins in yellow (the overall lead), this was the first time this year he's shown any interest in getting out cycling. I escaped from work as soon as I could, riding home the most direct way so to give us time for a decent ride. It was Roam's choice to return via Langbar, which is a stiff enough climb at the best of times, let alone when you've not been on the bike in the best part of a year! He was quick on the flat but was certainly well in to the red zone on the hill. He hurt a bit going up here, but he got a real buzz on and I'm now hoping he's going to keep it going. I think you can see the pain etched into his face here. I don't think he noticed the wonderful view.

Watched the first episode of a new HBO series tonight that the boys had recorded last night. I think the first five minutes of Newsroom must be the best opening minutes of any series I've ever watched. We were all sucked into the story without a draw of breath! The rest of the show was pretty good too. We barely watch any television in the summer but I think we'll give a bit of time over to this. Thoroughly entertaining.

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