West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

Garland making...

... in Trichy's Sri Ranganathswarma temple. See here for info.

It's huge. Non-Hindu's aren't allowed into the innermost area but there's plenty more to see, including making of garlands of flowers for pilgrims to buy. The extra is of some of the towers which are over the entrances to the courtyards. 

I learned today that I am "a strange tourist"! The guide had been telling me that there's usually a temple elephant but all the temple elephants in Tamil Nadu have been taken to a quiet place for 48 days of relaxation. I like that the elephants get a holiday but I wish it was 365 days. (On a previous visit to India I saw a very sad looking temple elephant.) The guide said that by taking an overnight train, he could take me to visit the elephants at their secret location tomorrow. When I didn't immediately agree enthusiastically he told me I was "a strange tourist". Perhaps that's a code for "has travelled enough to be wary of scams" or "solo-traveller protective of own safety"! Even if it makes me "strange", I'm not going to see the elephants tomorrow! 

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