Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


The day started out slightly bitty! I had to drop my car off to have it's upholstery seen to. I noticed a discrepancy that I would like fixed. Then G & I drove across town to check out the products in a particular supermarket. Because of their location, they are much more like a Tesco or Sainsbury's.

We weren't there long at all when I remembered that a movie that G has been wanting to see is only showing at Vox Mall of the Emirates, and we were within an hour of a show, so we raced out there instead. Saw the movie Brooklyn... it was very engaging.

Straight back home to get on with things here. G very kindly made chicken curry and chickpea rice - to my Dad's recipe. It was delicious! Another weekend over, and in a bizarre turn of events, I have been offered to do a few projects by my employer, so I am going to work tomorrow. It feels strange.

My blip is of the main architectural feature of Mall of the Emirates (known as MOE). It looks more like a train station. This section i.e.

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