Gloucestershire Mizzle

Me and Danielle did a bit of food shopping in M&S before I dropped her off at her boyfriend's in Yate. While out that way I decided to head north on a blip hunt. It was pretty mucky with mist and heavy drizzle. I ended up somewhere near Damery at the entrance to a field and captured a few telephoto shots. 

On the way back I bought a full set of windscreen wiper blades for Mrs. K's car, there's three as it's an estate, and popped into school to fit them as she was there with Matt's girlfriend, Steph, making a pirate hideout for the reception class, ahargh me hearties. Steph is the class teacher. 

Andy has just arrived home from a morning of trail biking in the Forest of Dean and I'm getting some lunch ready in time to settle down for the big match at two o'clock. Blackburn versus our team West Ham of course!

An extra band rehearsal this evening in preparation for a major competition in March, plus I'd better fit some ironing in sometime today.

It's also the mother-in-law;s birthday today, best wishes Jan. We actually went out for meal together last night as Jan and Bern are in Worcester visiting their other daughter, Sarah, and family. 

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