The key to my past

For Mono Monday, theme Ancestors, hosted by Mrs Linda, with thanks to her.

This secretary desk belonged to my paternal grandmother (the lady in the picture frame). When she died it was one of the things we kept and it's filled with photos and documents about her, my paternal grandfather and my father. Whenever I have time I dive into it. Today's documents are a copy of the birth register of my paternal grandfather (born in August 1904) and a copy of their wedding document in March 1932. Theirs is a special story, they were married by proxy. I think I've posted the link before but if you're interested and haven't read this before, their story is here.The first key is the main key to the desk, the bunches of keys open camphor chests with more keepsakes.

Thanks very much for your comments and stars on yesterday's flashy sculpture ;-)

The house/central heating repairs are taking place all day, I don't think I can stand the sound of drilling much longer. But they've found the leak ! Now for the repairing! Wish us luck !

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