Mandela Capture Sculpture

Another magical day in South Africa.
Eventually, we managed to get wifi in the Howick Falls Hotel and I was able to blip the past couple of days. We had been out to look at the Falls which are spectacular (an extra).  It is not an easy climb down to the bottom of the falls with a rough footpath needing walking boots and not for the faint-hearted; but we made it.  I spent some time with tripod and grad filters to smooth out the water and John went right down to the water’s edge to get a different view point; then we climbed back out.
Before leaving Howick we went to look at the new Sculpture to Nelson Mandela (blip pic) only a few miles away on the site where he was arrested ahead of his trial and imprisonment on Robben Island for 27 years!  It is brilliant – a 3D creation of shaped poles which when viewed from a particular point form the head of Mandela.
We did call in on the Boer War Memorial but this is a sadly neglected and overgrown site, before heading off towards the Drakensburg Mountains.  It was an interesting drive – not too long but with changing scenery all the time.  The road is fast although not overly busy but you never know when there will be pedestrians, goats and cows on the carriageway!
We are now in a delightful cabin overlooking a small lake (containing otter and fish) with views of the mountains beyond. One extra is the view as we turned into the track leading to our accommodation.  It was almost like this but I have enhanced it with some HDR.

Dinner at the restaurant now (that counts as self-catering for me) where I hope to pick up some wifi, and some walking tomorrow.

will have to add Falls photo when wifi is stronger

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