The Gabion Wall

Today Maisie and I drove out to visit friends Rachel and Richard at their vineyard in the country. Rachel, Maisie and I spent time walking amongst the rows of vines. The Chardonnay grapes are looking good with a bumper crop on them. The Sauvignon Blanc crop will ripen later in the season. However harvest is weeks away.
Rachel and Richard have had extensive additions and renovations to their house over the last year. At the peak of the re-building they were living in the packhouse on their property.... very hot in summer and extremely cold during the winter months. They were so happy to eventually move back into their lovely home. Richard has done a wonderful job on building an elegant Gabion wall along the front of the house. The family said he was outside at all hours, daylight or dark to work on the wall. He can justifiably be proud of his hard work.

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