By IntothewildMan

Clouds, Gulls, Trees, Field

A bright day which started frosty. Something of a milky haze in the sky as I drove over to the surgery in Aldborough for a check up. I was feeling a bit the worse for wear over the last few weeks and I almost never go to see the doc, I usually figure that I am more or less fine and other people may need it more than me. I think I also have a slight irrational fear of surgeries and hospitals so I rarely go unless I have to. Typical man some might say. So I got checked up for the full monty with the practice nurse this time; blood pressure, liver and kidney function, lung capacity, cholesterol and all. Waiting now for the blood test to come back but so far so good. We are blessed with one of the best nurses around. Maybe I should go more often!

On the way home I did some lazy man's photography as there were almost no cars about, stopping every mile or two when I saw a nice view, winding down the window and taking a shot or two of the landscape. Over at Thurgarton there was a view of a long bank of coastal cloud piling up to the north, above an avenue of young oaks and a row of seagulls on a newly ploughed field. Here it is, freshly cropped.

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