In work and sorted fairly early before my first meeting this morning. My assembly went fairly well, although it was slightly hijacked by a colleague who supposedly only wanted 2 minutes and was remarkable also for me mishearing a student's contribution and thinking that she had named Blondie as an inspirational person. She actually said Ghandi which made a lot more sense! In my defence, she is a fairly left of centre young lady but not quite that eccentric.  

This afternoon I had an invite to a Y7 lesson to see their models of motte and bailey castles. There was an impressive array and more cake than I expected to see. The one made out of gingerbread was my absolute favourite. Definitely one of those days where working with young people is the best job in the world.

And at the end of the day a difficult but necessary vote cast. Time to stand up and be counted or just be heard will do for me. 

I was home quite a bit earlier than last night and a new lens came too. Pre-owned, described as 'like new' and £90 cheaper than the one that has been sitting on my wish list of many months. It is considerably bigger and more sturdy than my other long-ish lens but I like it so far - not least because it was a bit of a bargain. Should make catching a surfer more feasible in 4 weeks and 2 days time.

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