New camera problems

I'm still having issues with this camera... the close-up lens is a composition nightmare, the exposure meter is all over the place and I often get a white arch, which I think is somehow linked to the lens... I'm not the only person experiencing these issues, so I think it's just how the camera is... I know Lomography cameras are all about the quirks/flaws (depending on how you view them, but at £200 for the kit, I expect more consistent results to be honest. I contact Lomo and sent them some scans and they asked me to send my camera to Vienna for inspection... so off it's gone and we'll see what they say... it's so frustrating, as I can see the potential, but I'm just burning through film like there's no tomorrow. And I was hoping this camera would save me money compared to my Polaroid... no such luck. I need a cheaper hobby! 

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