Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


I spent the morning pottering about at home and then at midday I got the train to London and on to Kings Cross Station, where I met Gavin. It was a very pleasant 3 hour train journey to Durham with lovely rural scenery along the way, seeing glimpses of both the Doncaster Cathedral and the York Minster.

Our arrival coincided with Luke finishing a tutorial at 5pm and so he came across the road to our hotel to say hello. Tonight he has a inter-college semi-final rugby match, and therefore has to quickly go have supper and get ready for the match. It is not appropriate for us to go watch the match as there will be many noisy, drunk students and not suitable for us boring old parents. Gavin and I went for a short walk around town and I tried to get some shots of the cathedral at night but the viewpoint we chose was not the best position - I will try again tomorrow night. This is a view of University College (known as Castle), one of Durham University's colleges with the cathedral behind it. The extra is a shot of the cathedral but there was too much foreground clutter for my liking.

We are about to go out to get some dinner, and tomorrow we will have the morning to walk around Durham before going to watch Luke's hockey match at midday.

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