By Maisiebeth


In January I signed up for a Flickr photo challenge, 52 in 2016 where you take a photo on a different them each week. This week was boots and shoes which I thought "interesting" but lets go with it. So I got Beth in wellies and headed for the Mere where i had the idea of getting some very artistic reflections but it wasn't quite working out as I wanted, I mean how artistic can you get with wellies anyway!
Then we were photobombed by the swan who wanted to come and see what the heck we were up to and why weren't we feeding him? Photo done!
Beth was actually mobbed by a goose while she was sitting there and I have a cracking photo of her expression, but she'd never forgive me if I published it!

Dramatic and Dangerous Places to Photograph for the Terminally Unfit and Navigationally Challenged

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