Mono Monday - Leap - mm110

After seeing all the wonderful leaping blips I almost gave up on the challenge this week, but especially when my attempts at origami frogs weren't working. I decided I need to go outside and get down the track, where I saw a few leaping squirrels, but of course they were impossible to photograph.
I saw about four mallards, a coot and a little grebe on the pond and heard the mysterious bird call. It's a beautiful call and one that I can't identify. Perhaps I'll have to take some video of the pond to help id it back home.
On the way back home I spied Sandy sitting in her garden. I took a few shots of her and then she started walking towards the stream. I hoped and even asked her to leap across the stream for me. Well she was so co-operative and leapt not once but twice!! (see extra) It was probably a total coincidence, but, as everyone knows cats please themselves and not the camera or the person behind it!!
So in true Oscar style I like thank Sandy for rescuing me for this week's Mono Monday Challenge LEAP I couldn't have done it with out her!!

Day 29 of the Mono Month Challenge 2016.

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