A leap into the ether!

Spotted on the train home a very busy pair of hands!  I wondered who they could be talking to?  A friend, a business associate, telling mum they would be late as the train was running late? A leap of imagination is needed here!  I'm sure you have far better ideas than me!!!!

I'm only glad we didn't have to leap from the 10th floor hotel bedroom when the smoke alarm went off at midnight two nights ago!  We galloped down the 10 floors to be told it was a false alarm!  Back up by lift and 2 mins later the alarm went off again!!!  This time we didn't leap down the stairs but onto the house phone.  Another false alarm.  The restaurant next door was using a smoke machine!!!!  I spent the night dreaming of towering infernos!!

This is my entry on this leap day for the fifth Mono Monday this month, this time with 'Leap' as a theme!  Many  thanks to MrsLinda for hosting these five very interesting Mono Mondays!

Also comes to an end the Mono Month Challenge 2016 proposed by Skeena! Also a very interesting and quite demanding challenge!!!  Thank you Skeena!

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