Cliché touristy shot from beside Inverness Castle this morning, looking over the River Ness towards the Cathedral. Don't be fooled by the sunshine, it was blooming (polite version) freezing in the stiff breeze. Was killing some time before an early appointment for a dental checkup (all clear... phew).

Was hoping to use an after work shot from the campus area, but there was some sort of focusing problem with the majority of the evening shots. Hopefully just a User problem.

Previous night time view taken from beside the railings was much better.

Some overnight snow and slippery roads this morning. We've had a lot more snowy mornings this Winter than the previous couple of years. Only difference being, that there's not been a great deal of it. The biggest "dump", was a mere inch of snow (at home, with nearer two inches in Inverness).

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