Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

On The Vine

I decided a photo shoot inside the grocery store was in order on this miserable day. These too-maa-toes looked perfect!

The dew point, which is a measure of how much moisture is in the air, is 70 degrees. The highest it's been in a year. Just to give you a reference point, above 50 degrees and conditions are right for severe weather. It feels all icky.

Two vicious thunderstorms blew through yesterday. I now have two windows leaking like sieves. I have to hope it doesn't rain until they can come out on Monday to caulk them. (They are only two years old. Ticks me off.)

I got the verdict and final diagnosis from the neurosurgeon yesterday. Herniated cervical disk. Will try home traction for two weeks. It will either cure it or not in that time. Fifty/Fifty chance. If not, he said an outpatient surgical procedure immediately, before it turns into chronic pain.

I told him I had a trip planned for my 40th High School reunion and hoped to leave on August 22. He promised me he would get me on that plane. I hope that is one promise a doctor can truly keep.

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