By KirstyHalbert

Spots and Stripes.

Up early to another hot-tent day, so after breakfast M and I headed straight to the beach for an early morning swim in the sea. The weather was perfect although the water took a bit of getting used to! M jumped off a diving board but I was way too much of a wuss for that. The jellyfish started drifting in as the boat traffic from the nearby harbour increased, so we packed our stuff and headed back onto the coast road, looking for our next destination... This little stripy/spotty guy tried to hitch a ride hiding in our camping chairs but M evicted him onto a nearby shrub. No idea what he is...

We ended up in a tiny village called Røde, outside Risør. We pitched our tent and headed to the nearest shop for supplies, before walking to the nearby marina to cook burgers on the engangsgrill. The campsite was idyllic until a family of 15 arrived (split between 3 cars) and made an impressive racket until midnight. At one point I got up to ask them to be quiet, but a group of 15 speaking a language you're not proficient in is quite intimidating. Luckily M is very good at putting up with my horrendous grumpiness in the face of sleep-deprivation and I drifted off eventually. I can't believe our luck with the weather this trip - light and warm until midnight! Bliss.

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