OKAY.... had to be!!!

... spent the afternoon at our Blackheath Blipping Expo, now "widely" acknowlege, and following the opening yesterday, we had a good number of visitors.

Had two of our "fearless" Blackheath locals pop by. Hobbs in extra was to be my Blip today (sorry David) but then along came the two little Champions Archie and Vince. Their Mum (Clare) had brought them in to see Walking Wombat's pic of them on display at the Expo.

Just opportune Wombat was in the "bunker", at the time - knowing Barb she probably co-ordinated it!!!??? lol

Anyway, quickly grabbed the camera and popped off this shot. Sadly having issue at moment with a setting, and although Hobbs had helped me sort out, neither pic is real good in quality, other than all of the mighty people in them.

The boys and Mum were chuffed to see the fantastic shot Barb had taken off them in their billy cart.

Then on leaving to drive home, arrived to get into my car and a couple pulled up out on a ride on their motor bikes (it was just a perfect day for that here).

To cut a long conversation short, they had stopped up in Blackheath for a coffee, saw one of the many Expo posters Hobbs had put around town, and popped down for a look around. 

In conversation I of course told them about Blipfoto, and suggested they check out the web site on getting home, and let me know when their first post goes up??

Well, just as I put this up have an email from them and they are soon to be one of the Blipfoto family. 

How good is that, two days in, and one of the main reasons we decided to do the Expo was to show the personal value of blipping every day and maybe get some more blippers on board.

Enjoy the not so "technically" good shot, but sure with a lot of heart and joy!! 

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