Wedding Portfolio day

Annie was back to work today with an early start and a commute to Leeds. The day went well (including a key presentation) and tonight she is staying in York with some very good friends.

For me (Chris), my last holiday day was spent learning some new photography skills. I have a wedding to shoot in a couple of months time and I wanted to have a bit more confidence in what I was doing so I'd booked a day workshop. This included practical ideas for composition as well as some wedding specific techniques and expert advice on many aspects of wedding photography. The best thing was it was a practical workshop.

Despite fairly chilly temperatures, we had a great day with three different locations, a couple of great trainers and some weather resistant models. It was a good group of photographers too. I picked the blip from over 300 other shots taken today. Many on review were not perfect but together they've given me a good idea of what works and doesn't and I'm seeing more clearly what kind of style suits me.

A few other shots from the day are here.

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