Linen Drapers

A lovely day – thought I was stuck in the office for all of it.  At least the sun was still shining when I left the office this evening.  I had to run an errand to M&S, and almost missed my bus home as the very helpful shop assistant was sure I could get a discount, if only I had activated my M&S card.  She was correct and saved me £10, and I made my bus home with seconds to spare.

I had to encourage BB to do his homework when I got in, as he is going to a friend’s house after school, and I doubt any homework will be done there.

I love the lettering on the window ledges of Jenners.  This actually says Linen Drapers.  It reminded me that when I was growing up we had a Co-op drapery in our town, as well as at least two other drapers that I can think of (possibly more).  It’s not a word you hear nowadays.

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