Riding to Hounds

For some reason , I took a 'proper' camera out with me today, the Fuji x-t1 with the 16-55mm lens. All sorts of things happened which made me glad that I had.

Firstly, the church coffee morning wasn't taking place because the church had been taken over for the Passover Supper re-enactment. Schools have been invited and the big people are doing it tonight. Life sized cardboard replicas of Jesus and his disciples lined a long table in front of the altar. The table was laid with stoneware pottery and replicas of food that might have been served at the supper.

There were eggs, cucumber, figs, grapes and leavened bread. See the first of today's spare photos.

I'd asked to buy some marmalade which was why I was let into the church.

Then Basil and I popped in to see Colin, who I hadn't seen for over two weeks. A cup of tea, and his feline companion Nelson, posed for me on the carpet. That's the second of today's spare photos.

Our next call was at Sue's for gossip and for Basil to say Hello to his mate Kal.

On the way back, I turned down the road at Ulverscroft to visit Stoneywell Cottage, a new National Trust property. I'd heard there was a good display of daffodils there and wanted to find out if they were blooming. A mini bus transports visitors between the car park and the property across the crossroads.

The very friendly bus driver told me the daffs were about to show and also that the car park was where it was because the neighbours didn't want the narrow lanes clogged up with cars, which is understandable. And then, he told me the Quorn Hunt was about. That's a sight to see.

Basil and I got back in the car, returned to the crossroads and crossed over to Polly Botts Lane, past the cottage and round the corner. We saw people waiting at the side of the road, so we found a parking space and got out ourselves. We could hear the horn.

So today's photo is of the Quorn Hunt riding to hounds with one of the Masters blowing the horn.

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