My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Last resort ...

... is blipping your dinner!

Though it's not the first and sure it won't be the last!

A day of technology challenges however think we ended the day in a better place than we started!

1. Open Reach engineer came this morning and, touch wood, think we're all okay - and receiving a super speedy 4-4.5 Mbps which is amazing!

2. New phones arrived and we now have three, as opposed to one working ones!

3. Connection issues between the MacBook and the iMac resolved after a long conversation with Apple.

4. One of my most critical work pieces of software (Light Blue, my CRM, quoting, invoicing and workflow tool) failed causing major stress, however was fixed with one email to their HQ.

And not a technical challenge but emotional one - Jaike (not Jacob as I thought) is safe and well in Manchester with his sister - I've had a lovely text this evening thanking me and Bill for being where we were when we were last night. I'm very glad we were too.

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